Jumbo Jay


Jumbo Jay is our weekend warrior. Raised on the mean streets of Houston, he had to learn to fend for himself; eating nothing but fast food. He turned his adversity into a motivator to become the Sexy Mexi he is today. Though you may not have heard of him, he’s had a huge impact on the Tejano scene, inspiring many group names throughout the years. Jay “The Voice” got the idea from Jay “The Pansa”. Mazz? When going to dinner with Jumbo, they were blown away by him ordering mas y mas comida. And La Fiebre got the idea for their band name while hanging out one very hot sunny day with Jumbo when he got all rosado and had to be wheeled indoors. He wasn’t our first choice for the position, but when we learned he was willing to work for McD’s coupons, we knew he was a great fit!

Check out Jay Villa Saturdays 12pm-5pm and Sundays 1pm-6pm on Q99.5!