Feature Artist: Yvonne y Fuego

Yvonne-1Based out of the midwest region (Michigan and Ohio), Fuego was formed in 2010 by keyboardist Michael Ybarra. The group toured extensively through the midwest and relied upon their backgrounds growing up with R&B, blues and jazz music. By late 2012, Yvonne Ramos joined  as lead vocalist and the group officially chanced to Yvonne y Fuego.


Yvonne, based out of Toledo, Ohio, began singing at an early age. She joined her father’s group as a featured singer (interestingly named Ruben Ramos y la Familia). Yvonne is a classical pianist and has an R&B background.

In 2015, Yvonne y Fuego attended their first TTMA fanfair which in turn was their first trip to Texas. That same year, the group was nominated for the Tejano Music Awards Best New Artist Group however, it was Yvonne who captured the coveted Best New Artist Female award.

“It was a dream come true- we’re still in shock and hope to keep the momentum going”, the group says. Yvonne y Fuego’s sophomore album “Aqui Estoy” was released in December 2015 and the first single “Quiero Entregarme De Ti” (a nod to Whitney Houston’s “Run To You”) received widespread airplay. Keep listening to Q99.5 for their latest releases. Here is the video to their hit song “Mi Todo”.